Providing a Competitive Option for Your Screen Cleaner Needs

At Alberta Water Screens, we help our clients improve the water quality in their irrigation canals by removing weeds, algae, and debris. We offer tried and tested screen cleaners, which can also prevent erosion for customers in Brooks, AB.

What We Offer

You can turn to us for screens that are designed either to sweep down into the canal or pull weeds and algae out depending on the polarity. We also manufacture custom screens to fit your specific needs.

Our screen design is made from a perforated plate that is pleated like a filter to get approximately 150% opening. This means that the screen will have to plug 50% of the open area before any head loss occurs. Among our products, the design of our High Volume Pleated Wiper Screen is the most popular.


We are currently selling three types of screen cleaners on top of our customized products. These items are the following:

  • Pleated Perforated Wiper Screen
  • Travelling Water Screen
  • Deep Pleated Gabion Screen

All of the products we have sold have been efficient. In fact, our pleated perforated wiper screen has been proven effective in 95% of installations.


  • Stainless Steel Chain Drive
  • Automatic Grease Cups for the Upper Bearings
  • Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (UMHW) Chain Guide Eliminates Bearing Sprocket Underwater
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Offers Unlimited Cycle Options (i.e. Manual Controls, Basic Time Controls, and Head Loss Controls)

Additional Upgrades

You can count on us to improve the product you have purchased even more. All you have to do is choose from the upgrades we offer, including:

  • Pressure Differential Bypass
  • Additional Brush Bars
  • Deeper Pleats
  • 3/8″ Perforations Available
  • Custom Conveyors
  • Flix Strips
  • Kick Cycle Upgrade


If you are looking for a remarkable screen cleaner, you are in the right place. When you purchase our products, we will provide you with exceptional tech support and service. You can have the following benefits:

  • 1 sq. ft. of Surface Area to 1 cfs of Flow
  • Quick Installation
  • Solar- or Alternating Current-Powered System
  • Battery Backup
  • Programmable Cycle Times
  • Proven Upsweep and Downsweep Design
  • Epoxy or Galvanized Coatings
  • UHMW Underwater Chain Guides

Improving Our Work

Our team always strives to enhance our service for our clients. To achieve this, we conducted research and developed our products in 2008 amidst the economic crisis.

We also worked with two irrigation districts for our initial testing. Many of our products are built on agreements that if our screen cleaners do not work, customers do not have to pay us. Seeing where we are today, it is safe to say that our systems do what they are supposed to do.

About Us

Alberta Water Screens was incorporated in 2009. Today, we are celebrating 10 years of offering products and services to our customers.

Throughout our years in business, we have done several innovations and field tests on our products, which resulted in the quality they have today. We have also been featured on the Prairie Farm Report because of our exceptional services.

Reach Out to Us

Join us in innovating, adapting, and turning concepts into reality. If you have any questions regarding what we do, get in touch with us.