A Trustworthy Provider of Water Screens in Brooks, AB

Craig Hopf

Craig Hopf, is a proud husband and father of two and a strong supporter of youth career development. He graduated from college with a degree in agriculture mechanic pre-apprentice in 1996. He has been in Brooks, AB since 1998, where he completed an apprenticeship in the heavy equipment trade.

In 2004, he established Hopf Oilfield Service—focusing on the repair and maintenance of service rigs and their support equipment. Hopf then expanded into the construction and agriculture industry as his business grew.

Jason Bolen

Jason Bolen is active in our community. Since 1994 he has taken every opportunity to acquire technical and managerial skills to build two businesses in Brooks, Hopf Mechanical & Hydraulics, and Alberta Water Screens. Both businesses have many loyal customers because they can depend on the workmanship, service, and pricing that has been proven.

How We Can Help

You can turn to us for environmentally friendly and reliable screen cleaners, which you do not have to plug to AC power. Our items also allow you to take advantage of the government tax breaks for the environment.

Why Trust Us

The products we offer have been tested at 5-minute cycle times 24/7, and they have not presented any issues related to power outages. Our team will also service any product you purchase from us. If you need our help with modifications, upgrades, repair, or installations, you may reach out to us anytime.